Welcome to the New England Chapter of URISA
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The New England Chapter of the Urban & Regional Information Systems Association (NEURISA) is a professional organization that provides a forum for: promoting and facilitating the use and integration of spatial information technology, fostering relationships, professional development, and representing the interests of Geographic Information System (GIS) practitioners and Information Technology professionals across the New England region.

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NEURISA's Membership Map

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Our parent organization URISA is an international association for professionals using GIS and other information technologies to solve challenges in state/provincial, regional and local governments.  Members come from all levels of government, academia, commercial and nonprofit organizations.  URISA is the founding member of the GIS Certification Institute and the GISCorps volunteer program.  To learn more about the mission, events, and programs visit www.urisa.org.

News and Announcements

Presenting the 

2018 New England URISA 

Board of Directors


  • President: Kathryn Brewer
  • President-Elect: Pamela Locke
  • Immediate Past-President: Jeff Olson
  • Treasurer: Thad Dymkowski
  • Secretary: Jay Metzger (New Board Member)
  • Events Coordinator: Peter Lemack (New Board Member)
  • Communications Coordinator: Meghan McGaffin (New Board Member)

Directors At-Large:

  • Dan Boudreau
  • Claire Brill
  • Patrick Cunningham
  • David dosReis
  • Michael Funaro
  • Cynthia Gaines (New Board Member)
  • Jodie Gosselin
  • Josh Sky (New Board Member)

URISA Representative (NEURISA Non-Voting):

  • James Armstrong

Congratulations to Cynthia Gaines, Peter Lemack, Meghan McGaffin, Jay Metzger and Josh Sky for being elected to the NEURISA Board of Directors for 2018.

Special Thanks go to the following out-going board members:

  • Chris Akin, 2017 At-Large Board Member
  • Justin Bousquin, 2017 Events Coordinator
  • Mark Haberle, 2017 Communications Coordinator
  • Erin Jacque, 2017 Immediate-Past President

I know I can speak for the whole board and our members when I extend a heartfelt Thank You for your dedication and service to NEURISA.” – Jeff Olson - Immediate Past-President

Looking forward to continued success in 2018!

Kathryn Brewer - President

NEURISA Day 2017

Thank you to all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers for making NEURISA Day 2017 a success!

Special thanks goes out to our Keynote speaker and Workshop Leader, Tripp Corbin!

Presentations and other follow-up information to be posted soon!

Navigating the GISP Certification Presentation Slides

Presentation list


URISA has taken a historic step forward in adopting the blueprint for the OneURISA Model.  The blueprint is the result of several years of hard work by the URISA Chapter Advisory Board and their OneURISA Committee.

What is OneURISA?  First and foremost, OneURISA provides many benefits to indivual members, chapters and URISA International.  A key feature of OneURISA is that it provides the structure that empowers all our members, chapter members and international members alike, by making them part of the same organization.

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Survey Results are available! Thank you all of whom responded to our 2017 Survey.  A summary of the results can be viewed here: 2017 NEURISA Survey Results