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June 10th at 2pm 

For a number of years, MassGIS has been working with the State 911 Department to build a complete geocoding resource to meet the needs of the NextGen-9-1-1 project.  NextGen uses GIS to route emergency calls to the appropriate responding entity.   This presentation will provide an overview of MassGIS experience with addresses from its work for State 911. This presentation will touch on the following topics: address standards, database design, address sources and processing, linking addresses to geography, maintenance issues, engagement with municipalities, and lessons learned.

MassGIS’ approach is based on maximizing the use of geographic data resources from both state and local levels of government that have been compiled over the period of our engagement with 911.  Our biggest challenge is figuring out whether the future of the address database gets de-coupled from the source datasets, or continues to be tightly linked.  This question is essentially one about the future of shared spatial data infrastructure in Massachusetts. This presentation will be useful for anyone faced with developing a master address data set, whether at the municipal, regional, or state level.     

Speaker:  Christian Jacqz

Director, Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS)

Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT)

One Ashburton Place, Room 1601

Boston, MA, 02108


Phone: (617) 619-5639

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