Prepare Yourself for the Coming New Datums

June 16th at 2pm 

Projections and Datums are an often overlooked component in GIS workflows, yet they provide the very base of the geospatial data itself.  Many GIS solutions provide semi-automated means of dealing with differences in datum and projection that can remove a level of awareness from the end user. Yet as our capability of mapping with greater accuracy and precision gets more advanced, so too does the necessity for proper handling of those base references.  Distortions from a poor map projection or positional inaccuracy from either poor transformations or improper selection can introduce problems in analysis and measurement.  With many GIS professionals still remembering the move to NAD83 from NAD27 not so long ago, to prepare for the new datums coming to us in 2022 we will need to hone our skills around these fundamental concepts.  The first part of this webinar will focus on basic geodetics, taking a quick look at the core concepts of reference systems, presented by Sam Knight of Blue Marble Geographics.  Next, Dan Martin of NOAA, will present an overview of the ongoing initiative to create new national reference systems for the US by 2022 and what to expect with these new systems.  Throughout this session, we will explore the theoretical, the practical, and where to go to to both broaden and deepen our knowledge. 


Sam Knight, Director of Product Management
Blue Marble Geographics, 22 Carriage Lane, Hallowell, ME, 04347 U.S.A

Daniel J. Martin, NOAA

NOAA/NOS/National Geodetic Survey

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